Best place for dating and a useful experience for my life.

I do not trust dating sites and after my story I do it more confidently. My story is not so romantic and it does not have a happy ending. I opened a personal profile on a dating site which was recommended by my best friend. He talked there with adult women and I prefer the same communication.

I am an adult man who wants to find a smart, wealthy young woman. I do not want to communicate with girls because many of them are not interesting to me.

I opened a profile and used a search engine to find women suitable for me. It was convenient and the site provided many different functions for communication. I found many women from my city as well as from Asian countries. I love children and interacted with women who had children. This was not a problem for me because I make good money and can provide for my future family.

I have certain health problems so I do not have my children. For this reason, I would be glad if they had my bride. I built a big house for my bride, but she left me and I live alone. I will even be happy for two children because I always wanted a big family.

Sarah was special to me. She lived in Korea and her parents were from America. We talked for about a year and always shared our life problems. Several times I suggested that she pick up the child and come to me, but she was afraid. She lived with her sister and her husband, but she did not have her own home. I could give her a good future and help her with raising a child. Her boy was wonderful. He was 4 years old.

We talked more in video chat and often saw her son. I liked the communication, it has become important and significant for me. I was ready to fly and pick her up, but some thoughts stopped me. Sometimes I saw her answer in a strange way, forgetting some things that she told me. Sometimes the son stayed with his grandmother and she went to him, so we did not communicate for 2-3 days. I think that I am a maximalist, I want to get all things and all relationships right away otherwise then I will lose interest. This communication was the same. I wanted to be with her and was ready to do everything necessary for this.

Something was wrong. I thought she had memory problems because sometimes she wrote strange things or joked strangely. Sometimes she did not go to a video chat although she wrote that she was sitting at home. I began to be disappointed because communication became confused and incomprehensible. She could not tell what her son loves: yesterday AON loved strawberry ice cream and today chocolate. These things caused me certain doubts and I considered different versions. One of them was more real than the others. I thought that I was talking with different people and my feelings gradually faded away.

This communication became strange every day and my love passed. I talked without previous enthusiasm and I wanted to know what the reason for such change was. I decided to talk openly and she answered honestly. Once she left her password on a laptop that they have in common. Then my sister decided to talk with me because she was bored and Sarah hid it from me. I was offended that I was not an important person for her and she allowed her sister to communicate with me for fun. I was upset by this attitude and I left this site. I still can’t forget this and I don’t want a relationship yet.

Maybe I didn’t manage to express my disappointment badly, but it was a useful experience for my life. I wanted to start a family but I was just a man for fun. I do not like this attitude and it is not pleasant for me. Sara is still on the site and we are not writing to each other. I don’t understand why a woman talks there if she allows such a dirty trick. Maybe she is not in the family or she has a husband. I have a lot of doubts left and for now I want to forget this. Maybe later I will return to the site because it is the best place for dating for me.