Gift from a friend

After a difficult divorce, I was left alone with my small son. My ex-wife was a good partner but she changed after the birth of our son. She became irritable and did not want to see the child. I wanted a child and she wanted freedom. The child has changed our lives, but I was happy with such changes. But our family life was getting worse every day. I tried to change everything but I could not act alone if she did not want such life. Every day became unbearable and I had to leave work to be with my child. She also left her job and the financial situation of our family was getting worse. We took a loan and a lot of debts from our friends. This situation was terrible because I wanted a better life for my son. The decision about the divorce was from my side. My wife did not resist because she also did not like this life.

After the divorce, I found a remote job and now my son is 3 years old. I think that such life has become better because I really love my child… but I understand that the child needs a mother. I also want family coziness and warmth, but it's hard for me to build new relationships. I like our life, it's calm. But I also understand that this is wrong. A son needs a mother, even if she is step-mother.

My friends saw my situation and they were not happy. They are trying to help me and are looking for different girls for me. I went on dates but most of the reactions to the child were strange. I never thought that children could be a problem, even if they are not mine. I love children and want to make them happy. I do not mind if the girl has a child or we will have our common.

My friend from the university opened a profile for me on a dating site and I was upset. I did not think that a guy would look for a girl or even a wife at the age of 28 on a dating site. I got access to my page but did not communicate there. I thought about this profile for a couple of months and then opened it. I thought that working remotely would allow me to chat with girls online anytime. Loneliness became a habit, but I understood that I needed to create a full-fledged family and find a wife for me and a mother for my son. I wrote about myself in my profile and started looking at the profiles of girls. I did not have a specific request about the type of appearance, figure, age, hair color or place of residence. I wanted to find a good girl with a calm character. My last relationship was bad and it hurt me. Also, I did not want to find a frivolous girl who could leave us when my son begins to say to her - mom. Maybe I had too much hope but I wanted to do everything right.

I talked with different girls and told them about my son. Some of them supported me because they also had children. Others said that I was a bad father and the child should have stayed with his mother. Many people had a different opinion. But one girl was very interesting in communication and we decided to visit the children's center together. I took my son and we met there. It was a fun day and we had a great time together. Then we saw each other very often and my son liked her. I invited her to move to me and she agreed. She had a younger brother who lived with her in the city. Their parents lived in the countryside and they wanted their son to live with his sister and get a good education in a city school. I was not against it, because I also had a good school with a technical direction near my home.

We are now together for about a year and both of our boys are fine. Her brother is 8 and my son is 4 and they are good friends. I got my peace of mind and am very glad that I was able to build such a family. I love her and her brother and she became a good mom for my son. I already bought her a ring and I want to make an offer on her mom's birthday. We will go to them and celebrate there. I think this will be a good gift for her mom, but I also bought her a cashmere blanket. I am grateful to my friend and I am glad that he opened a profile for me on this site.

I deleted my profile but I still thank my friend. He is also glad that I built a family and that I am happy. Maybe not all people can find a wife on a dating site, but if you have fewer requirements and requests and only a wish to be happy, then you can do it. I do not make big plans and just enjoy my ideal family. We just want to save our family and live peacefully without quarrels and scandals.